Someone is training to be a professional piercer and needs bodies to poke holes in next week. I’m seriously considering it. Free piercing, though you have to buy the jewelry, (though tax free).

My only consideration is – where do i get pierced? I was *this* close to having my eyebrow pierced at one point, but I’m not sure now how I would feel about it. Then one year, I was to get a piercing for my birthday, with my friends voting on where it was to be. It fell through, as my birthdays usually do, but now, again – the question returns??

Any ideas??

Britney isn’t as evil as THIS.

Here’s the gimmick: Take a weird, modern conservative revisionist New Testament and wrap it in faux-hip fashion-mag duds and hawk it to unsuspecting young maidens who otherwise wouldn’t get within ten low-rise jean lengths of the gray-bearded dust-choked finger-wagging dogma of King James and all his hoary misogynistic machismo. Clever indeed.

It’s called “Revolve: The Complete New Testament” and it’s apparently racing up the Amazon.com sales charts — whatever that means — as it sucks up all the accoutrements of a teen fashion rag and rams them through the cute Christian grinder of humorlessness and sexual rigidity and homophobia, and regurgitates them as kicky dumbed-down slightly numb virginal tidbits of advice and admonition and, yes, Biblical storytelling.

“Revolve” takes a decidedly conservative view of the Bible, condemns homosexuality, encourages virginity until marriage, and informs girls that excessive makeup and jewelry and revealing clothes are to be avoided and chastity is to be rewarded because, well, Jesus really loves baggy sweaters and granny underwear.

Add onto that: Never call a boy, it’s sinful – date rape happens to bad girls – only let the boys lead the relationship – and… oh. Just throw away all those silly thoughts you had about gender equality. They’re wrong.

All Hallows Costumes

Well – I finally know what I’m going to be for All Hallows this year. I’ve been frantically hating myself for my stunning lack of creativity. I’m too adapted to sitting in a basement without human contact to actually THINK anymore. It’s scary.

Anyhoo – my happy thought, together will m’love, is this.

I will be Love, and he will be Lust.

I’m really enjoying the ideas that swirl around this pairing. Lust/Love; Sex/Death; Want/Need.

Something scarlet, and perhaps in raw silk. I’ve already created part of his costume. He’s going to be done up sexy. *happygirl* I’ve started on his costume already. Shimmery, translucent shirt, in red and black. I’ve still to get fabric to make his pants. I’m still uncertain what My dress is to look like. Something sweet, yet regal? I’ve asked a brilliant genius artist friend to hhelp, as I cannot draw well to save a life. (I wonder if I can still paint…)

I’m to have a slim volume of sweet poetry tied to my wrist, he is to have red fuzzy handcuffs.

It’s going to be FUN.

I Cannot Stress how much I recommend this!

FYI – for those of you who missed The Heretic at the Fringe, you have a chance to see it. For those of you who have seen it, you have the opportunity to let your friends know that they can still catch it next weekend because it is HELD OVER, Thursday Sept 25 – Sunday, Sept 28: 9pm nightly at the Waterfront. Festival box office is selling our advance tickets, 604-257-0366.


September 25th to 28th Thursday thru Sunday 9pm Nightly

Tickets are $12 Call Festival Box Office 604-257-0366

Media Contact Jonathan Ryder 604-831-5909

“The writing is clever and sophisticated, the production slick and the acting phenomenal. Easily the best show I saw in this year’s fringe”

-Jerry Wasserman, CBC

TOP 2 PICK! — Georgia Straight Critics’ Choice Award

“For those of us who find ourselves in a very God-haunted world these days, where the acolytes of the Almighty seem to be continually at each other’s and everybody else’s throats, Christian O’Connor’s The Heretic comes as a darkly comic catharsis. This story of a Roman catholic man, tortured by religious anxieties, who resolves to become an ‘evangelical atheist’ could hardly be more timely – of funnier. John Murphy gives a masterful turn in the lead role – and indeed in all the other roles in the play, moving between radically different characterizations with what has almost become his trademark pell-mell precision. This range is remarkably vast, with all the requisite variations in tone and speed to keep watchers riveted. He is supported by a wonderfully witty script (“It’s Yahweh or the Highway!”) that, for all of its boisterous blasphemies, ends up being a rather profound commentary on the nature of the religious impulse itself.” -Bryson Young, Vancouver Sun

“Vancouver actor John Murphy’s wickedly funny one-man revue is so stupefyingly irreverent, we’re probably going to hell just for laughing at it. Murphy aims to be provocative and succeeds.”

-Pat St. Germain, Winnipeg Sun

“…a hilarious script, great acting and a technically superb show. Actor John Murphy’s performance is flawless. The comedy is fast-paced! …with God up in heaven … and humans as his “ultimate reality TV show.”–along with some serious insights into the fear of death.”

-Cheryl Binning, Winnipeg Free Press

“…a wild ride of a play that’s both hilarious and deadly serious. Extremely well written and equally well executed” -Linda Harlos,CBC

“…constantly funny and provocative.”

-Silas Polkinghorne, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


…funny and insightful! …Wildly pleasurable and unpredictable, kind of like a Disney Land rollercoaster ride in the dark!!!…Check your guilt at the door brothers and sisters…”

-101.5 UMFM Radio, Winnipeg

Coffee & Cream

I actually have to leave the house today. I’m feeling sort of nervous about it. I have to collect my keys, and the money – and leave. Walk outside. Step from the house into the open air.

The day before yesterday, I was walking home through the dark alley that runs parallel to Victoria, and two bicycle police stopped me to ask, “Have you seen a rather large man with a fire axe?” . He had robbed the gas station down the road about 30 minutes earlier, and was presumed still in the neighborhood.

I have to leave the house?? A strange man tried to kidnap me this month! I’m being asked about psychotics with FIRE AXES! Fire axes are serious frightening things!

I dearly hope there’s someone available to spend time today.