I am bored – answer me these question 6 – oh wait! not 6!

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Little Survey Now for Everyone!

1. How did you first find my journal?
2. Why did you originally decide to friend me?
3. What’s your favorite part of my journal?
4. What’s your least favorite part of my journal?
5. Ask me a question. Be as random as you want.
6. Recommend a band to me. I’m curious what y’all think I should be listening to.
7. Recommend an LJ personnage to me and maybe I’ll friend them.

Posted: 211 – Received: 111
(I like the symmetry of that)

bath together

You Are Taking a Bath Together

You don’t just ooze sensuality, you create it.
From the touch of your lover, to the smell of a bubble bath…
You’re turned on when all of your senses are tickled.

And if things are good, your lover likes the slow path as well.
Candles, champagane, and a good CD set the mood for you two.
It’s not about the end point – but the journey!

What Kind of Foreplay Are *You*?

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Higgs Boson
Higgs Boson — You are crazy and wacky and nobody
really understands you. Theoretically your
humor gives the universe mass and existence,
but the explanation as to how this all works is
still in the works.

What kind of subatomic particle are you?
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Wierd how these actually seem to pin you.
Statistics. What will they think of next.