All Hallows Costumes

Well – I finally know what I’m going to be for All Hallows this year. I’ve been frantically hating myself for my stunning lack of creativity. I’m too adapted to sitting in a basement without human contact to actually THINK anymore. It’s scary.

Anyhoo – my happy thought, together will m’love, is this.

I will be Love, and he will be Lust.

I’m really enjoying the ideas that swirl around this pairing. Lust/Love; Sex/Death; Want/Need.

Something scarlet, and perhaps in raw silk. I’ve already created part of his costume. He’s going to be done up sexy. *happygirl* I’ve started on his costume already. Shimmery, translucent shirt, in red and black. I’ve still to get fabric to make his pants. I’m still uncertain what My dress is to look like. Something sweet, yet regal? I’ve asked a brilliant genius artist friend to hhelp, as I cannot draw well to save a life. (I wonder if I can still paint…)

I’m to have a slim volume of sweet poetry tied to my wrist, he is to have red fuzzy handcuffs.

It’s going to be FUN.

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