PNE fright nights

Another listing from the Searchgrads mailinglist I’d love to take part of, but can’t. So you should go do it.

I would like to pass on a little work for anybody with a good sense of theatrics. Last week-end, I worked at Spooky¹s Haunted House at the PNE making a little evening money terrifying the beJesus out of people. I was a little apprehensive at first, but soon found my sadistic stride. At
forty-four, I am admittedly the oldest of anyone else working there, but that¹s an advantage to the employer as there is little chance of ³my parents grounding me² preventing me from coming in to work.

Alana, the hiring manager asked me if I could contact some folks who are creative thinkers, mature, have a great sense of fun and would like to make a little extra money for a string of evenings. Naturally, I thought of just about anybody I ever met at SEARCH. If this appeals to you, contact Alana on her cell phone at: 604 454-4182. Mention your arts background, because they need creative people. See what a degree in Fine Arts can get you! 🙂

All Alana asks is that you be prepared to commit to most or all evenings between October 24 and November 1. The job pays $8 per hour, but it¹s very relaxed and fun to those with a sense of humour.