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My partner, Bill, and I have the top floor of the house for rent. Bill is a musician and sound designer for television, film, and theatre, so be warned – we have a studio in the basement, complete with drum kit, which can become loud. As the space is the top floor, this has not been a problem, but just thought I should let you know. *grins* Also – his tap dance troup comes over sporadically to practice.

It’s $400/month, plus 1/3 utilities. There are two rooms, both with built in bookshelves, a large yard with giant cherry trees, (and parking pads, if you’ve a vehicle), and lots of storage. It works out that we share kitchen, bathroom, & livingroom, but each have a room to ourselves. We’re non-smokers, but if you must, then outdoor smoking is okay.

We’re situated close to Victoria & 49th. There are shops nearby, mostly chinese food stores, a Value Village, and a mostly organic supermarket 10 min walk away. We are on the Langara bus route and are 20 min max to downtown by transit. We have pets, (cat + chinchilla), but sadly cannot accept any more furry creatures into the home, unless they’re the sort what live in tiny cages.

Um… I can’t think of what else to say, so I guess that’s my blurb. If you have any question PLEASE feel free to ask.



bloodkrystal at the hotmail


Last week I had to journey down to kits as conveyance for a late video. It urged me faster, though I was caught waiting for transit. The warm cream fog on fourth street tasted of fried tomatoes with a hint of curry. It wet my lips and drew my eyes upward to it’s silent slow dancing with the streetlamps light. Silly thing didn’t realize I was seduced already. It’s touch, form and grace had swept me out of myself. I wanted to be a listener. I’ve always wanted to be a listener. Wired to the world, able to record any moment in sight and touch and sound. Splattering impressions like paint across the continents. It kills me somewhere to know I may never see the reality of what I’ve always wanted to be when I grew up. I will be old, and perhaps even more useless than now when the technology becomes available. When the flesh becomes malleable, like cybernetic clay.