new things

After I dropped Robin off on the skytrain, I met up with   and we procrastinated our way to the Deli-Llama together, to find only .   and   arrived later. There was much silliness and self mockery, all of it true lies and rotton things to start laughing. The best kind. Sandwiches and ice-cream also played thier parts perfectly. Not a line missed.

Afterwards, Adrian, Sophie and I giggled over to Torren’s place. A Dungeon was on the table and people were rolling dice. Scary territory, but not really. A pretty girl gave me a red babydoll T with The Siths “I wear black on the outside because I feel black on the inside” silk screened on it. It’s adorable. I had How Soon Is Now drifting through my mind the rest of the night.

Sophie took naughty pictures of me on the ride back, and I tried to take some interesting ones in a sleeping monstermall.

In other news, I was asked on a date today….

Anyone know what to do on those?  I said yes, because I’ve no reason to say no, but I’ve never been….

gerbera daisy

I had two job interviews yesterday. One in the early, out in farthest Langley, one right after, straight downtown. Ray met me at the end of the Skytrain line and we poked about an antique shop that smelt of the old abandoned hospital. A sweet smell, associated with medical abandonment, age, and cloying decay.

The interview was mediocre. Ray left while I was in with the talkative young man. I wasn’t lying like he wanted me too. Honesty wasn’t expected on certain questions, I could tell.

The transit ride into the city was ridiculous, almost two hours to get from one end to the other. My busride took me right past Michele Chattaways place, though, and that made me smile. Frolicking footsteps with James to visit her, giggling across the very long walk.

The second interview went very well. I truly believe I have a chance. I was so bouyed by the thought of bringing back a job, that I went and bought you a flower – delighted to have found something small to brighten your day. I remembered soon though, there is no You to bring it to anymore. He’s been erased. Aubrey is dead.