black tie

I’ve gothed up vaguely for SinCity tonight. It’s not much, but should pass muster at the door. It’s not like it’s a fussy fetish night. It’s not like I have a fetish that involves leather. The damned plastic-boned corset dress just refuses to fit properly unless effort is involved, and I don’t feel it’s worth it. Silks for me this evening.  I’ll make sure pictures are caught. My lips have been purpled, deepend aubergine as plums. No make-up, so I did do with hair dye.


I want my hair back.

sin foreboding delightful

I wake up, I wake up, I wake up

there’s a quarter of ths city haunted in ways that wish to kill us. they are attracted by media and take the shape of ancient warriors.  We fear because there is death here. everywhere.


the raindrops aren’t outside anymore – I woke up lonely

tonight I’m to make myself pretty. I wish someone was over to help me deepen my hair to the roots of it’s natural colour. it’s sunny outside, but I’m listening to the wrong sort of music for that to matter. really, i’m wasting my time with nothing to do on this sadly sunny saturday afternoon. I suppose I’m waiting, but nothing ever happens. there’s pictures waiting for me to pay for thier freedom but no-one to sing with me once I get them

i think my fear of heights is gone because i no longer want to throw myself from the tops.

{higher than anything, picnicking on top of the north shore grain elevators – the orange wash of sodium light glittering}