Alex Fex

Jeff sent me a frightening link just now. I followed bits of the page around until I came across this: I am so shamed. The second set of Ninja Turtle Valentines? I got those when I was six, but I only had one friend, so I still have them. .


the lights have been off for an hour. last half of it has been spent thinking of things to write. stone having heard of the concept ‘yielding’ have decided to branch out into a new market – the futon. rather than in rest, time has also been spent trying to sneak quietly to the puter without waking adrian.  i think there may be an affinity here, this worries me. i’ve been very good at avoiding them, but not this one. two failed attempts he won’t remember in the morning. he sleepingly gave me a hug and a thank you for tucking him in and trapped me with his hands. mishka called this evening, still having boy troubles with her christian loveslave. i don’t ever recall her being rejected before. pity he said no – this would have been over by now.