it’s not quite insomnia

Lately it’s like I’ve forgotten how to sleep. I lie until the boy on the other side of the bed hasn’t moved for at least five minutes, then I get up and wander the net or read a book. I am almost out of books.

I have one left.

Thank what be it’s James Burke.

Today I found out is friend Bobbi’s 40th birthday. I couldn’t pass up the excuse, (what with not seeing the fellow for almost a year). I was to pick up Robin downtown after school anyways and it occured to me it wouldn’t be bad for him to have to deal with someone wheelchair bound. Plus – Bobbi’s wonderful and I know he’s got the right sort of pateince to deal with the Boy. Adrian came along as well, becuase, really – why not? After a stop at the Granville Candyshop to pick up birthday prezzies,  I couldn’t stand to wish someone happy birthday without a gift. I went through and picked out British candy I thought he was unlikely to have seen since coming from England, we spent a nice afternoon together, the four of us at Bobbi’s place, drinking tea and being geeky.

We left Bobbi eventully and went to Tafs for food. After a quick stopoff at Sen5es and a bank machine, we went across the water to see Cat & Mouse, (Sheep). It could have been brilliant, but it seemed flat and shallow excepting Uncle’s bits. I think Bill Devine had his pants off more times than a fetishist with a new, well – let’s not go there. There was already enough public buggering.  All fun to watch too. The flag waving was nice too, though without quite the impact.

Bill was there, and Cory, and Graham, and Daniel & Courtney, and the Chu’s, and Mike Schadelmose. It’s been so long – it was really nice to see everyone.  I’m vaguely worried about Graham though, he was looking svelt as usual, I sometimes wish I could dress like that, but seemed a wee bit too shaky. I wished  I had something with me so I could have offered it to him. Instead, I got a hug, his e-mail addy and asked after some mutual aquiantences I’ve been trying to pin down.

The second act just dragged. There were so many moments that could have been and just weren’t. It was sort of sad.  There was a bit of yawning, though it was good to stretch out. The row in front of us cleared out during intermission. Too offended? to return. Afterwards was nice to a very precise measurement of nice. It was not lovely, nor exciting. Even as nice, in particular ways only.  The two Bills were hugged, and people were talked to. I would have liked to stay longer. I would have liked to not have gone to Burnaby, but to go somewhere, like a cofeeshop, and discuss the world and let the rantings wash over me in fluid waves of offended sensibilty. Not nearly shocking enough, we all agreed. To have stayed with people, groups of them, chattering. That would have been best. Robin needed home though, and Adrians head was being worried.

We ate our chocolates and then he slept. I put him to bed once it was obvius he wasn’t to wake. I’ve been up since. Not having much of anything to do with myself. I called Bill up around 2:30. I told him I’d been bedding down with Adrian and he didn’t get angry with me. Sort of strange. I assume tomorrow I’ll find out why.

 —– there was a gunshot outside —–         *worry*                  =I’m going to stay inside=

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