Singing at the top of my lungs and being caught by the landlord…

Skankboy just reminded me of Whitetown – Your Woman. Such exquisite timing!

Already got it off kazaa, but oh yes. Nostalgia time! WOO! That song, and Blur – Girls and Boys, annnd… Beck – Loser, Lisa Loeb – Stay, and… wow. Likely something by Nirvana, and that I got My Haircut by a JumboJet song, and the 4a.m. one… There was a period where fun bouncy music like those were popular. Even stupid stuff like Sebastion – Why won’t you sleep with me. Or that dorky Pony song.

It’s like a soundtrack to highschool. The good parts. Ther very rare good ones.

The day after I run into the very rare good person.


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