I love how pithy lyrics are

The rules: Put your playlist on random, and from the first twenty songs (regardless of cheese factor) post the first few lines [if the tune has no words, you are allowed to skip it] – then let the people try and guess in comments. Don’t put any clues (title, artist, anything that will give away the song). Songs guessed correctly will be striked out.


1. nothing here to fear ~ i’m just sitting around being foolish ~ when there is work to be done

2. Is Dexter ill today, Mr Kirk, Dexter’s in school ~ I’m afraid he’s not, Miss Fishborne

3. The similarities and situation between the Donner Party and the Colonial Pilgrims is both appalling, frightening, and incomplete.

4. Love, love is a verb ~ Love is a doing word ~ Fearless on my breath ~ Gentle impulsion

5. Hold on to love ~ That is what I do ~ Now that I’ve found you ~ And from above ~ Everything’s stinking

6. I’m clicking your fingers for a gothic twilight ~ That actually existed just in your head ~ Your fingernails painted black or bloodred ~ I forget

7. {deleted to challange} ~ She’s got you shaving your legs ~ You can suck anything ~ But you know you wanna be me ~Put on your makeup boy

8. When comes the shaking man ~ A nation in his eyes ~ Striped with blood and emblazed tattoo ~Streaking cathedral spire

9. You promised me the ending would be clear ~ You’d let me know when the time was now ~ Don’t let me know when you’re opening the door ~ Stab me in the dark, let me disappear

10. I fell in love and I needed a roadmap to find out where you lived

11. Mrs. Enthusiasm is my name ~ Wearing funky clothing that will put yours to shame

12. With your feet in the air and your head by the ground ~ Try this trick and spin it

13. I want to be a kid again ~ Come down having Sunday best ~ See me staying home bunking school ~ Knowing wrong from right just rules       I wish I’d never seen your face ~ Better done wind of phase ~ I need an echo not your praise ~ Straying from the god you nailed

14. Just tell me what you’ve got to say to me ~ I’ve been waiting for so long to hear the truth

15. Kansas city blues messing up your head ~ Knotted on the bird wishing I was dead

16. Stand up sit down baby ~ Gonna be a formal dress down hey day ~ We decide why not go downtown ~Now about you and me we go get wasted

17.  Thank God you’re still angry at me ~ I’ve got a better chance of seeing you dead, in the rain. ~ Thank you, for this one last big mistake

18. I could feel at the time ~there was no way of knowing ~ fallen leaves in the night

19. Her green plastic watering can ~ For her fake Chinese rubber plant ~ In the fake plastic earth ~That she bought from a rubber man

20. Sometimes I feel so happy ~ Sometimes I feel so sad ~Sometimes I feel so happy


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