oh I’m sorry – did I just slap your childhood?

Have you seen Requiem For a Dream?  It’s a beautiful film, and disturbing. The female lead ends up whoring herself out for drugs. A terrible scene with another woman involving a double ended dildo. Last night as Adrian and I were eating trifle and watching Labrynth, I pointed out that that she’s the same actress.

I suppose that’s what happens when you turn down the goblin king.

’cause it’s SO hard to get me to go to theatre

The glorious has lured me to an evening’s One Man StarWars/Lord of the Rings performance at The Waterfront.   and   are also coming. Should be grand and geeky. Joyously, the paper says TJ is going to be on as well. He’s wonderful and witty and fun. Last time I saw the illustrious Mr. Dawe he was doing a double with the play I built the screen for, The Conspiracy.
I’m almost certain I returned his book…

Victoria pretending to look like me