I’m fixing the purple today. I seem destined for a purposeful day. Adrian woke me up in time to be lucent when Dan called about the Tea Party. Nice to know I’m remembered for being the girl in the tree. (How many years ago was that? And what have you been saying Rowan?) I have the number now of the fellow who’s going to be hostng the prop making.

(yet another plug: dress up as your favorite Alice In Wonderland Charactor and show up at Trout Lake! June 20th!! details on the website coming soon!)

My hands are tinged violet now and I am utterly speckled plum. Figuring says with enough practice on selfdyeing, I should be able to eventually be able to brush it in without getting it all over me. So far I’m not proving the theory, but I’ve improved enough that I haven’t even one smear on my face.

Onward to shower and bleach.

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