W O R D S   A N D   E X P R E S S I O N S
C O M M O N L Y   M I S U S E D

It really IRRITATES me when people do not use proper grammar. It does not AGGRAVATE me. Do you understand that? IRRITATE means “to annoy,” and AGGRAVATE means “to add to.” So, if you’re already IRRITATING me with your abominable speech and your insistence on smoking a cigar in my living room, your saying, “Hey buddy boy, don’t get so AGGRAVATED; I’ll open a window,” will only AGGRAVATE the situation.

I can’t even deal with “LAY” and “LIE” right now. I’ll smash something. I know it.

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Time zips past. As I’d forgotten about it for such a while, I have ever so much more to read. *joy*

Go play.

you’re never there – on the phone long long distance

So oopsie.

Didn’t meet up with either Chris nor Andrew on Wednesday. Chris because Jude hadn’t actually arranged it and Andrew because we stood eachother up. Because we’re special. Yessir indeedy. I waited two and he waited only one, so more special points for me. The fact that we were about 300 feet from one another must give us a bonus in some sort of innocents heaven, but I couldn’t name it. (There should be a religion with a ghod who only likes irony and evil jokes).

you think she’s an open book, but you don’t know which page to turn to, do you?

Today was my lawyers appointment, and that went fabulousy well. Things are finally happening and being happy. This whole thing should be wrapping up in the fall. *crosses wood, knocks on fingers*

the ornaments look pretty but they’re pulling down the branches of the tree

This evening I’m going with Robin to a geekfestery: The One Man Lord Of the Rings. I have a sneaking suspician that I’ll get all the jokes this time, rather than with the Star Wars, where I kept missing parts. Waterfront Theatre people. $12 tickets at the door. I know Derick will be there, so gauranteed puns.

boulevard marquis with stupid bandnames, I don’t want to feel the emptiness

hits of technology

It seems people in scandinavia are becoming clinically addicted to text messaging on their phone. One fellow sent approx 2700 messages in one week. Apparently he got a dopamine hit everytime – like chocolate. I think that ties in wonderfully to The Jabberwocky, a new add on to phones. A way to keep track of the “familiar stranger.” These are people that you see in public on a regular basis, but do not talk to or otherwise communicate with, at least not in any normal sense.

I have to admit, I want one.

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