There’s no possible excuse for acting so young.

Someone was being ridiculous at me yesterday, accusing me of *gasp* sleeping with my friends in thier beds. *exclamation points* Apparently though, this was a naughty thing for me to do in spite of the fact that my roomate and I share a bed, James and I sleep over once a week and whenever there’s groups of people staying overnight for movies, we all crash one by one on the same fold-out bed. Now this is one of those things that will run up the warning flag with me, because it was a serious point of contention in my last relationship.   Jealousy is a no-no, unless you are honest and to the point about it and even then, don’t you dare even begin to think you own me. I don’t get along with games. Point in fact – evil of me as it would have been, I really quite wanted to say, “you know, he and I weren’t sleeping

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