broken in body

Well, I’ve done it again. Twisted my ankle trying to run. I will do it, I know it. Every three weeks or so I am an idiot and do it again. I walk from the skytrain through the alley what runs behind metrotown. No-one to see me fall behind the empire monolith, so it’s safe to experiment. I button my coat if I have it on, take a deep, slightly trepidacious breath and just go. One foot in front of the other, trying to fly again with broken wings. I got farther than last time, but I fell badly. I fell hard. My hands flying to catch myself, and feeling the crunchtwist snap. I knew I would. Pushing myself on purpose.  My ankle’s puffed and bruising already. I think this time it will be hard to walk on tomorrow. Adrian’s offered ice, but that would take away from it. I know I’m doing something stupid, something I shouldn’t do. I need my reminder that I can’t do that. This time I got farther. 

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