I’ve caught another one

The LJ meetup was this evening. It’s always interesting to meet new people that live on my block, so to speak. Internet neighbors, the people you know ever so well, but wouldn’t recognize on the street because they don’t have a digicam and therefore have never posted pictures.

I was picked up by   and . We laughed at my sodden soaked self for a bit, answering the door in an old torn balnket, pulling on clothing still damp from raindancing hours beforehand.

  , ,   &   were already there when we arrived.   arrived fairly soon after we did, and   showed up late as well, but welcome as always. She’d had a miserable evening and for the first time in my knowing her, actually looked it. Another fellow turned up, though he was a the other end of the table. The way the table was set, there was four facing four and we couldn’t really socialize with anyone two people away. There were the people immediately to our sides and that was it. Those in the middle likely had it the best. I was on a corner with Gavin, Zok, (who I am sure will be kind and remind me of his name), Rob, and briefly Dominique. I think I ended up talking most with Rob, a magician by night. He’s very smooth with what he does, very nice. It’s extra nice, I think, when you can follow every single second of the trick, know every movement. Then you know when someone is doing good work. You can see the slide of skill.

ps – links for those who asked for them:
– http://www.wulffmorgenthaler.com/
– http://www.andersmorgenthaler.com/show_videos.php?id=3&vid_id=10&quality=high
– http://markromanek.com/

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