they’ve given me a favorite child

Again with the soaking.

I arrived here with my teeth chattering so much that I just immediatly shucked off my clothes. Adrian kindly donated his big fluffy bathrobe and made me tea. The bone castenets were quieter than the show I’d just come from, and a little bit more interesting. Shane was amazing. He’d jokingly dedicated the show to me in the downstairs, but it was far too perfect to be for me. Wonderful as always, the crowd actually let out a collective gasp at a particularly good line, but there wasn’t anything else there to catch and hold attention. There was a fellow who made mixloops on stage with a digerido, which was interesting, but he insisted on rapping on top of it, which made it less so. I was there with Sophie & Dominique, who also only came to see The Shane. He got a standing ovation, so I don’t feel I have to go on about it any more.

I’d started my day with Jeff. Meeting at Joe’s, than walking up the Drive. We talked for a bit about this and that and nothing, then he gave my my birthday present. I was surprised, then speechless. He’s given me his black painting of the girl and the cat. The painting that I always loved so much that lived at Placebo. I’m a little bit in awe of that, still don’t know what to say past thank you. He’s leaving tomorrow for the year. *waves to Jeff* We’ll miss you fellow. Send pictures!

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