I just recieved my e-birthday wishes from Dan Ellingson. (“A good pun..is worth it’s own..reword” (Stolen) )

Happy Birthday

Birthday Birthday Birthday for you
It’s hard to believe another year is through

Slipping through the mists of time
Cosmic traveler with mirror eyes
Does appear from the queen, his mother’s thighs
Blood slick and with purple skin
The babe does emerge from her vagina within
While the mother screams like a witch; like a bitch
Happy Birthday

Stare into the cold light of life
You will see it again
You will see it again

And what is this cold dark world
Upon whose shores I’m so rudely thrust
Glov-ed hand of the mad man delivers a smack
Unkind, Unjust

“who are you calling for? Is that me?”

The phone just rang me from sleep and my dreams soaked in so much I didn’t know who it was or even where I was. I love how I had that, knew it, and didn’t mind it one bit. “As you just woke me up, I have a very small list of who you might be.”
It was Bill, by the way. A warning to those who dislike him. He’ll be stopping by briefly tomorrow evening, please be friendly.