you see it all and you know what you’ll be

I love how I throw myself into peoples lives. I love even more how they let me. I love how it doesn’t even occur to me that my behaviour isn’t exactly average until afterwards. I meet a person and just continue, sweeping them into anything. You! Practically stranger! Could you just reach for me and undo my bra-strap? Thanks! I will treat you as if we have known eachother for years! Later on I will notice and puzzle over why on earth you let me get away with any of it!

Later on I will think about a lot of things, but perhaps that’s the chocolate talking.

My birthday was wonderful. So many people there only because I asked them to! Thank you ever so much to everyone! And gosh! I got presents! I’m somehow missing my antique velvet carrot now, but hopefully it will appear unharmed. I planned on taking the Wright Brothers kite out this evening, though without company, I may do it tomorrow. Who’s up for kites in the park tomorrow afternoon?? How about you sir? This newfangled device will change our longstale world!
The fudge is lurking at me, thank you Aiden. After that cake and pie, I can’t believe I’m looking at it as something edible. That pie was made of orgystarter! chocolate that makes you press your thighs together a moment and smile There’s more of it left, by the way – I’m certainly not eating it when Adrians home – so if anyone’s planning a seduction…

Work was again today. I’m just finishing up the boards now, where the kids post. Some of the messages just reverberate with loneliness. Pre-teens posting songlyrics and claiming it’s thier poetry for a bit of attention. It’s not something I’ve ever done, but I can feel it. I can see what’s underneath it. I feel like finding them and curling them into my lap and holding them. Telling them when they get older they will meet people who like them. To just hold out, one day they’ll get a birthday.

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