It tells of vast expanses stretching backwards over time

Two objects at equal distance
Acting as if they care
Does weight follow mass in this instance?
Oh, E equals MC squared

Tomorrow I go in for X-rays. I’m beginning to be warily familiar with that shielded room. I’ve been told you’re not supposed to be able to feel them, so perhaps sometime I’ll learn to not feel that hot flash when it hits me. That under a second split moment of burn. Suddenly feeling skin in sun for too long next to a window. I’m not looking forward to the cold metal table or the heavy pad that sits uncomfortably on the chest and belly. There is a particular whirr in the darkness that’s unpleasant. Lying cold on the chilly table in the halfdark room with someone cowering behind a halfwall.  Perhaps I’ll luck out with a bit of sterility. “Here are your bones and the eggs we’ve killed.”

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