mental shrugs

Opening shot: A screen: first of all no offense to gay ppl,but there is no posible way ppl could be born gay it is not like they were gay their whole life it is just a dumb excuse i think and anyways if god made ppl gay dont you think he would have made a way for gay ppl to have babbies just my opinion

Dissolve to the girl. She’s sitting with an open book in her lap. An open field. Head is back, she’s screaming. Pan back to reveal a CG nightmare of swirling text. Sound: fade in slow on loop. “The children. They’re killing me”. Baffles blur the edges of the words. Let her arms hang down, lifeless.

Relationships have contexts. Patterns of self-esteem and interaction. Particles spin, wave-forms collapse. Wrapped in this sari of dark fuchsia silk, tied on with a gold edged knot. This is all I have as a protective band wrapped around my desire. A brocade blockade of word, broken by distance. Fade out, but not to black, to something different. The substance of breath.

Did I just do that?

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