Am I sick? I think I actually Wrote something…..

There’s something manic in my apathy. Too wired to sleep, not caring enough to find anything to do. It’s time for a movie, but there’s no-one I care to have over. No-one in this city, at any rate.

I’ve never decided to write anything before. As this is my first try please tell me what you think.
Because of the meme, this is for thenowhere:

She turned on the shower, twisting the brassy taps until the temperature was right. The blue bathroom walls caught by the falling water splashed cerulean into the ceramic tub. She was cold, kneeling with one hand in the spray until she decided it was ready. Checking to see the door was closed, she turned and stepped into the shower. One naked foot after the other, the hot water striking a moment of pain on her skin before blossoming into a soothing heat. It felt good to be in the warmth after a long chilly day. It’s fall, turning into winter soon. Every day will be as cold or colder. The room flooded with steam, dripping down the mirror. Her back to the water, she let the heat knead into her muscles. Her arm was just reaching for the soap when something twisted inside of her. Someone else would have cried out, but she merely caught herself with the wall. A tight feeling, catching in her gut. For a moment she thought she was dizzy with fatigue, but no, the feeling came again. A hard knot, trapped under her stomach. Looking down, she saw the water turning black. A stream of thick blood had gushed from between her legs. Darkness swirling around her toes. She got to her knees, leaving the water running. The clear water mixing with her fluids and staining. She dipped a hand in and it came up clotted with flesh. “Am I sick?”, she thought.

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