making up for it

Sharing the tidbits off my friends list.

Full Body Vibration Coat made of Tickle Me Elmo Dolls. (replace your lover)

Electronic Voting, see: Florida. 

Alf, the alien pornographer (I don’t miss the telly)

Spider Man & Friends, the album. (snippet here)

The War On Terror (propaganda = good)

Next the Hologram will flicker. (president listens in)

Exploding clocks for sale. (this is a re-post, but from awhile ago)

David Stoupakis. (art that makes breathing worthwhile)

and a meme from that would make me happy to have a chance to participate in:

Write something for me. Just for me. Post it in your journal so everyone else can see it, too. A sentence, a paragraph. Nanofiction. Short story. A scene, dialogue, a picture described, a moment, anything. Long or short. But it’s got to be just for me. Tell the world you wrote it for me, even. Mine.

Then feel free to put this up in your own journal, and I’ll reciprocate.

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