I apologize for the trite ending – I’m not very imaginative

the meme continues for  , (who I’m sure has a lovely name):

His tall legs were sore from climbing. “Only two flights left”, he said to himself. The elevator was out again. It always is in these dumpster places. Why does he always fall for the poor girls? Soulful brown eyes and empty pockets. Always brown, reminding him of storybook forests. He knows when he gets to her tenement apartment, he’ll have to listen for hours to her ranting about school fees and how she can’t afford both her books and food, but then at the end she’ll fall to her knees in front of him . “You can help me, can’t you?” He lives for it, like he did for the last one. He thrills with it like electricity filling a cup. She’ll do anything for him and call it love to keep her frail students honour. He shivers as he remembers her fingers on the tab of his jeans zipper. Her tongue hesitantly flicking the tip of his cock, always like it was the first time. He knows she hates herself. They all do a little. A new girl every year. Used to be every semester, but he found he couldn’t quite afford it.

They were starting to find the bodies.

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