the name game

When Gavin and I went to meet Jenn, we took Skatia. At the park were Neriad with her daughter, and Satisha with her father. We escaped quickly to get a present for Max, Ellen’s youngest, who only turned one this week. We discovered today that if one blatantly hits on the gelati girl, the cone you recieve is about half a foot high piled with deliciousness. This is a good discovery. Almost as good as coming across Alli & Co. at the gelateria. It’s a treat to finally meet her husbandlove, Nate, and to meet Andrew, who very obviously swims the same media pool. I’m home alone now asking the world about electric cats. The idea Blue has been downloaded successfully into my brain. I’m already planning on lighting up. Gavin is out over at his friend Johnny’s and I’m due in a few hours at the Media Club, for a gig of Alistairs. In fact, I have just discovered I have an extra ticket. If anyone would like to join me, it would be a fun time.

James sent me the Shatner album today, but it’s being shunted aside for Curiosity Valentine. Something Wicked This Way Comes summarized into sound. It’s my new happy addiction.  Music like a scene from a circus horror film. Swirling gypsies and swooping camera angles. Badly lit acrobat music in the best possible way. Tornados and covered wagons with bright peeling paint. I need a source I can put on repeat.


Does anyone know a good source for LEDs? Preferable on a string. Even better would be a place to buy plastic lumescent cords. They look like the headband/necklaces that are sold at the Fireworks, but run off a battery pack.

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