some warning would be appreciated

um – right – so hot on the heels of my stupidly insane week…

Apparently there is talk of a party at my place. Thank you kind folk for ASKING ME. *christ*

But, yes – I would like to see this happen.

Would the kind people who also are seemingly planning this arrange some details with me please?
As I’m the only one with a housekey – you sort of need my participation
Acquiescence included.

If this does go through, I want as many people as possible to show up.

So – alright. Keep in mind I’ve no net and am going to be at class from 9 – 4 the next two days.
I am going to be too busy this week to set it up. I require some cleaning help.

(a decent couch wouldn’t hurt either – or floor pillows – or bribery)

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