fireworks – I could listen to this for hours.

Meet on the North West Corner of Barclay & Thurlow beginning at 7:30. You will be fetched into medousa‘s nice apartment. We will begin walking soon after 8:00.

Also, um… Mike is god. If you’re not on djspazblog then you’re bloody brain-damaged.

I could listen to this for hours.

for a girl named A

Automatic Sadness
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When you turn your face, I see the most beautiful girl underneath invisible scars. There are lines there, drawn in an ink that’s never been put to paper, tracing everything you’ve ever seen, everything you care to remember and some things you don’t. When you turn your head and smile, the maps crinkle in the corner of your eyes like secrets that kings lost before history was written down on anything but flesh and I smile back, because yes, that’s exactly how that song used to go, back when we were smaller and less aware of fear. You have the name of the only girl who was ever nice to me in grade seven. I don’t think it matters, but I thought you would like to know.

When you hold your hand to the light, I see a dancer there, poised with rhythm and waiting for the exact moment to drop her handkerchief, eyes smiling at the irony of it all. The bones are soaked with vitality and glow through only where they should, rather than before, when they did not, when they were apparent. Knuckles white, knuckles kissed, it’s all the same after. You’re loved and should know it. The form and frame are balanced, a painting waiting to be found under an old student whitewash.

I posted and seventeen people arrived, let’s see what some warning may bring

Celebration of Light – Canada
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The lovely medousa has offered her place as a downtown meet-up for the Saturday night fireworks. Anyone interested should meet on the NorthWest corner of Barclay & Thurlow by the fire hydrant. The time to do so, however, is up in the air, as I don’t know what anyone’s plans are. Is there going to be another conclave on the beach? More skinny dipping? I’ve not a clue, so tell me. Where and when have people been discussing?

edit: Meeting at 7:30 – 8 with beginning to walk at 8:15. Good?
edit: just in case you missed it, party at Reina‘s tonight.

this is the first time in a long time I’ve been left alone with a screen

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I woke up this morning like a murder victim, posed and cunningly placed to display the blooms of blood to the best advantage. I woke tired and I woke too early. Five:thirty the clock said, and how I wished it had lied. In the mirror I looked like a fashion disaster, some high couteur model with an ill chosen penchant for ice-cream, my make-up shimmering and flecked with sleep.

I haven’t been home lately, not at all. My room is so messy that the right kind of doctor could look in and see a disaster ground zero for the terminally depressed. Saturday was Illuminaires, something I still want to talk about but haven’t had the chance, as Sunday was the day my computer caught fire. Monday was Korean Movie Night, an evening where the last people always leave at one o’clock, and Tuesday was an evening in with Nocole and my mother. We talked about relationships, three weary women of differing generations and differing points of view. We found something in common though. All three of us are alone.

Wednesday was the first night of the Symphony of Fire, the Celebration of Light it’s called now. Navi and I were running late, having been in the forest out in Langley, our naked flesh being eaten alive by the whining wildlife. Also, we were attacked by an owl. That sort of thing tends to slow down city folk and traffic was bad, so when we arrived the show had already begun. Through the crowd we forded, finding the path and as we ran, we could look out over the thousands of dark heads and see the barge rocking with sound concussions underneath giant blossoms of flame. It was beautiful, as it always is, and our friends were where they said they would be, which is a new thing and practically a miracle. After the music crescendo, I stood in the water and stared at the ocean, watching the city reflected on the waves. My arms wrapped around me, I don’t know what I felt. I feel it now, but it’s a hollow thing. My thoughts were on the horizon, on how black the water was, how I couldn’t see my feet or the sun. I looked out and farther out, thinking, “there is light there, over that line, and how I need to see it.”


Usually held in Toronto, this shambling, stumbling, flailing good time will be held in Vancouver this year! Yay us! So if you have a mild obsession with Zombies (as many of my friends do), or you simply love to get rotten and yell “Braaaaiiins” at random people, then mark this one on your calendar:

Saturday, August 27 – starts 4pm from the VAG and 5pm from 15th and Sophia
(near Main St).

(a month away, so you have plenty of time to plan to be there!)
The walk will start in two-stages as follows:

1. All non-lazy zombies (or “super zombies”) are invited to gather on or around the big steps at the Vancouver Art Gallery no later than 4pm. From the VAG the horde will be skytrain bound. After a stumble through the mall and a short jaunt on Vancouver’s fine public transit system we will de-train at Main St. station and stumble on up to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church – 320 East 15th – two blocks east of Main. Once there, we will take a short pause to collect ourselves, gnaw on brains, and meet up with . . .

2. The lazy zombies. A second group of zombies will gather in front of the above mentioned church (Bethlehem Lutheran, 320 East 15th, at Sophia and E 15th) at or around 5pm. Remember – zombies tend to move slowly and occasionally have problems with limbs falling off, body stiffness and possibly skytrain security officers. If you do not see any of your brethren exactly at 5pm, be patient. Mill about and look scary.

Once all zombie factions have massed at the church it will be time to head onward and uphill to Mountainview Cemetery at Fraser and 31st. For reference, the walk will proceed along Main Street to 31st should any zombie stragglers be left behind and/or spontaneous zombies wish to join the braaiiins procession.

Once at the cemetery, please be on good zombie behaviour – respect your brethren.

We will linger a short while in the cemetery before moving onwards to nearby Queen Elizabeth Park for some games, brains, fun, prizes, brains and a pinata or two.

Yes, you do have to dress like a zombie. Those who do not do so are welcome, but risk having their brains eaten by confused zombies. You have to admit – they’re not all that smart, but they know a good living brain when they smell it.

Potentially useful things to keep in mind:

Causes of zombie-ness:

As everyone knows – or should know – zombies are usually
attributable to one or more of the following:

1. voodoo
2. science gone astray – chemical or biological accidents, experiments, viruses and the like
3. the apocalypse

Of course, there are many more possibilties. Be creative. Corpses in all stages of decay are encouraged.

For the low-budget zombie:

1. Oatmeal and liquid latex works wonders.
2. Food colouring and corn syrup makes convincing blood, but sticky. However, also tasty.
3. Value Village – but I’m sure it’s hardly necessary to mention that.

Finally: As mentioned previously – zombies are only really effective when travelling together in large groups. Bring your friends, foes, family and other loved ones.

Nothing says you love someone quite like caking yourself in make-up, limping down the street together and eating them in the park!

Pass this info on to anyone who might be interested – it has a bit of a ‘viral’ feel to it, but see zombie cause number 2. It all makes perfect sense.

apples cold

I dreamed I had
&nbsp a lover in my mouth
His sex smooth & long & hard
&nbsp a silk pressure
I removed it and
&nbsp kissed the head
&nbsp as red as apples
In my dream I could tell that
&nbsp my teeth were mirrors
I thought
&nbsp “Maybe he will kiss me
&nbsp And break the spell”
But instead
&nbsp I woke up
Trapped still in the forest
&nbsp where the huntsman threw me away
Too much trouble
&nbsp he said
Too much trouble for soft
&nbsp pale thighs
I was fifteen
&nbsp and
my mother was queen


The Celebration of Light begins tonight at ten pm at English Bay. I would dearly like to go, but there’s no way I could stand going alone. Anyone interested? I’m going to be out with Navi on a photoshoot until an unknown time so I’m not particularly able to plan very specifically right now, but I’m willing to bet that everyone would be able to make a 9 o’clock meeting at the Burrard Skytrain Station water fountain.

If you have her number, perhaps you could give us a ring later on to confirm or leave a comment here so we don’t wander to the beach without you.

I want to write about it, but don’t have time at work

Sing a song of six-pence, a stalkers field of rye. Sing a little ditty to make the dreary time go by. I need the wings of an angel, a time lapse photography animated batch of holy heaven flying, crooked and slightly too green. My mind is full of pop lyric lines, music video cuts and quick symmetry photography. Just when I needed it beyond all things, I have passed on my light and the next morning I still had gunpowder in my hair, I could smell it. Saturday was the first day in a very long time with any real distraction.

It’s a pity that even through all of this, I can still call on iron. I can’t explain how close I was to being addressed.