We took over half the dancefloor with toga

Lipstick writing A definitive cute, even Eris Begins

Navi as Hermes Meghan as Artemis Chris as Ares

Andrew as the God of Wet, (it starts with N) Ryan as Kratos Dionysius doing what he does

Dan as Helios Rick as Dionysius Jenn as Medusa

not sure who she was to be Anthony (Antonio) as Dionysius Tyler as Pan

Andrea, our birthday girl Marcella as Hera Travis as Kronos

Nicholas as that guy in blue? Zues looks for lightning. Celdae as Aphrodite.

Pantheon in general pt II Pantheon in general

Oops, missed the neames entirely here Steve as Poseidon

I’m very sorry I didn’t get those who weren’t with us in line, (Beth, Rick, etc), your costumes were lovely.
If you’re willing to dress up again, I’m more than willing to point a camera at you.

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