a black and white picture day

Robert Moog, the gentle genius known to many as the
father of electronic music, died at his North Carolina
home yesterday. He was 71.

“One day after losing Bob Moog, the electronic music community has lost one of its greatest composers, musique concrete and found-sound composer Luc Ferrari. Ferrari not only was the founding director of an academy dedicated to musique concrete but continued to advance the notion of recorded sound as music with experiments like turning a recording of a Yugoslav village into music. The fact that we now find such innovations old-hat is partly due to the influence he had.” link

Moog link.

  • Beths’ concert was delightful and Ethan’s sister very very sexy.
  • Tomorrow I have a job interview at an erotic costume shoppe. I am amused. There may be enough irony to give me escape velocity from the tawdry implications.
  • My keyboard seems to have died. I’m currently using an iMac keyboard off my roommate. It’s literally a pain to use, further proof that the designers were all sadists. If anyone knows of a cheap place to get ergonomic keyboards, my wrists would be exceedingly grateful.
  • Also, zombie make-up. Anyone have anything particular in mind?

    … and from zombies, we get:

  • remote controlled humans

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