“I was the one worth leaving”

The party was an entertaining success.
By the end of the night,
my money gauge read like this:

[ &nbsp ] Beatles
[ &nbsp ] Andrew
[ &nbsp ] Famous
[ &nbsp ] god
[ &nbsp ] birth control
[ &nbsp ] Christopher Walken
[ &nbsp ] Alan Rickman
[ &nbsp ] European
[ &nbsp ] cute bartender
[ &nbsp ] Emo DJ
[ &nbsp ] livejournal
[xx] fire spinner
[xx] myspace
[xx] real poets
[xx] discordian
[xx] goth
[xx] poet (angsty)
[xx] T.V. actor
[xx] poseur
[xx] your mom
[xx] startrek furry
[xx] easy as apple pie
[xx] Arts major
[xx] porn star
[xx] philosophy major
[xx] morris dancer
[xx] premature ejactulator
[xx] child actor
[xx] country singer
[xx] chopped liver
[xx] they never loved you
[xx] no self esteem

In the darkness I came to the mountainside. A red woman opened the door, velvet and calm, cats twining around her ankles. When I step outside of my work, if I escape early enough, and look up into the welcoming sky, the blue looks as thick as a hallucination. I think I cried in my sleep because there’s a light smeary path of leached dye running down my cheek from my right eye. Just enough tracery of purple to catch my eye in the mirror when I blindly brush my teeth. I look like a comic book character. There’s a curl of it on the back of my right hand too, where my face must have rested. A perfect curl describing the bones of my hand in Fibonacci’s most perfect sequence of gold.

  • New world’s largest telescope to dwarf Hubble’s abilities.

    I feel adrift today. For the first time in over a week, I have no plans for my evening after work. When eight o’clock ticks to, I will be rudderless. My feet will be wind upon pavement waves and wandering. It will be cold, however, so I will likely go home. Weigh the anchor in folding the laundry that has eaten my bed from under me and tidy the endless small papers that collect in slippery drifts against my furniture. There are flat surfaces here, I just need to find them again under the detritus of never being home. I would rather that when people come in, they don’t take a minute to wonder where it’s possible to sit.

  • Television show hopes to convince participants they are in orbit.

    Jacques and I split the money fifty/fifty, (minus Ray‘s personal donation). He broke even and I’m going to be able to pay my transit inflicted debt. I don’t know how many people came. I would guess a number around fourty. It was a room full of eccentric twenty-somethings and middle aged men, a very two dimensional look into my social life. I wonder how much they mixed. People like Chistoph and Will are likely to mingle with anyone, but so far my only word on the party was Dominique calling this morning to quickly tell me what happened after she, Rowan, Travis and Josh left the party.

    There is no buzzer for 440 w Hastings, so people took turns in the cold glass atrium, watching the door. On one shift, I invited in two people off the street who seemed as if they were coming to the party. Turns out we didn’t know either of them, but they looked right. Long coats, long hair, a combined aura of geeky conversation. Another shift was twenty minutes alone, wrapped in my shawl against the chill and finishing Douglas Coupland’s Miss Wyoming until my mother came down with my brother Robin. I was glad of the relief, I didn’t want to miss Rowan playing pop songs on his accordion. It’s delightful. An entire corner of the room dissolved into laughter when they realized they were listening to Nine Inch Nails. Anyone who took photographs, I would appreciate if you would send them to me to post, (fully credited), into my flickr account.

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