Think a lost letter of the alphabet. Imagine it, what it might look like, how it might sound. Warp it, turn it inside out then wrap it around your tongue. That’s what the book I’m reading is doing to me. Contriving to be passed off as a novel, really it’s a textbook on logica, obscure knowledge and languages filtered though the mind of someone frighteningly like certain aspects of myself. Frightening, because though we know that we are all alike, we try to preserve some illusion of only sharing very basic desires, not the complexities we intricately engrave into our personalities.

I’ve just read a passage that explained how to eradicate my most implacable problem with learning foreign languages from text. To counter-act this multifarious half-pound of intellectual evil, I have been catching up on the incendiary livejournal cartoon napalm-bombing that is the Trendy Bat-Girl Meme Of Illustration Doom. It’s been a genius way to discover new journals full of delicious art that I’ve never seen before. I swear, the list of contributors is accruing exponentially with every slick professional comics artist, (plus a few who aren’t. crayons, anyone?), who has made one of these bloody things. At last glance, there were well over 300 pictures counted, though it looks to be maybe 400, or more likely 500. I tend to be slightly rabid anti-fandom, (if that’s not too much a contradiction of terms), but this I really recommend checking out this awesome event. Open a new firefox window and have at it.

If you are licensed and experienced. The company is currently in search of mature individuals with degrees in. Requiring two years financial management. Minimum qualifications for this position are completion of at least four years of. Drivers license, minimum wage, flexible hours, swing shifts, send resume to, please fax, only fax, if you have no fax, you are not serious enough. Fear of death not an option.

took bloody long enough

f( x ) = 4 ln(x +2) walks into a bar.

It’s elementary that there’s no shadows after midnight. Stating anything else is merely setting the mood for an unsettling story, but that being said, the certain lack of them in my life is messing with my circadian rhythms. Conceivably, I should be able to get to bed before our sun tries to break free of the clouds. However, Saturday was going to be my re-set and I royally thrashed that idea until it practically bled. Now it’s close to three in the morning and I feel if I were to look outside, the sky would be stained with mid-evening instead.



Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
The Conclusion to Park Chan-wook’s vengeance trilogy
Monday, January 16th
Doors at 8:00pm
Film starts at 9:30pm

The film will be shown in widescreen on a projector at the psychic lady building one block west of Commercial on Broadway, (knock on the lower left windows), and refreshments* will be served.

*The offerings shall include a selection of certified organic camembert wheels, including ash-ripened, herbed, and traditional served with tamari crackers. Water is available and donations of certified organic beverages such as lemonade or wine (white preferred) would be appreciated.

the bartender says, “we don’t cater for functions.”