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Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Tomorrow there shall be another gathering at Andrew’s house to watch the Ghost In The Shell TV series, called “Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex”. We have watched the first 14 episodes and will be continuing from there.

Feel free to bring snacks.

Where Call me or Andrew if you don’t know.
When Show up for 8 pm, we’ll wait a little bit for latecomers before starting. We’ll go til we get tired.
Who If you know either me or Andrew, you’re invited. Simple as that.

Tonight, darling Imogyne has surprised me with a ticket to the Hawksley Workman concert tonight at the Cultch. I’m devlishly pleased, though I’m leery on the details of who that actually is. I think I have a mash-up cover of Striptease on my home computer that wasn’t too bad.

  • New TV on the Radio video for Dreams.
  • Lucky, a short film by Nash Edgerten.
  • an essential Drinking Driving Awareness commercial.
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