the mystery continues in love

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Lovely Jhayne:

Once upon a yesterday, after the
beginning and shortly before the end,
an old man stood fishing by the
sea. To each fish he caught, he would
say, “Grant me a boon, for I have
trapped you fairly.” Each fish he would
throw back when it did not reply.
A little girl came along the shore
and asked why he sought boons of
fishes. “One yesterday a snared fish
offered me a wish if I would release
him,” the old man said. “I wished my wife
away, and now I want her back.”
“You must love her then, to do this so long,”
said the little girl.
“Love and devotion
are not the same
thing,” said the
fish as he
swam away.



Another letter, as unsigned as the first two, as anonymous and comforting. This one, however, is quoting me more evidently than the last two. Perhaps it is a clue?

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