‘she offered her honour, he honoured her offer, and all night long he was on her and off her.’

Pike Place Market
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Another letter arrived after the long weekend. This one with a different stamp.

Cherished Jhayne,

Once upon a yesterday, when hearts still
hardened and stones still bled, a boy
grew up listening to the wind. “It sounds
almost like singing,” he would say, and
friends and family would laugh at his
fancy. As a youg man he bought a pair
of boots and took to travelling, and did
not say that he was following the voice of
the wind. To himself he would say, “She is
almost singing, but cannot find the melody.”
A traveler one day came across the man as
he stood among the rocks, arms upraised.
“I am teaching the wind to sing,” said the
boy-who-was-now-a-man. The traveler moved
on but many years later passed by the
same spot, and paused upon hearing a
beautiful song. No singer
stood there, merely
the wind, who spun
around a rock
shaped like a
man, with his
arms upraised.