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Spaceship Junkyard: some amazing photos of the retro-tastic Future As Now by Jonas Bendiksen.

ALTAI, Russia – Villagers collect scrap from a crashed spacecraft, surrounded by thousands of white butterflies, 2000.
Environmentalists fear for the region’s future due to toxic rocket fuel.

ALTAI, Russia – A farmer takes an evening stroll past the wreck of a Soyuz spacecraft, 2000. In this farming village, rockets routinely fall into people’s back yards.

KAZAKHSTAN – Scrap-metal dealers wait for a rocket to crash, 2000.

KAZAKHSTAN – The booster engine section of a crashed Soyuz craft, 2000.

ALTAI, Russia – Dead cows lie on a cliff, 2000.
Locals say that whole herds of cattle and sheep regularly die because rocket fuel poisons the soil.

KAZAKHSTAN – The fiery wreck of a rocket after crashing, 2000.

ALTAI, Russia – A man cuts a wrecked spacecraft to sell off as high-grade titanium alloy, 2000.

KAZAKHSTAN – A Soyuz rocket-fuel tank lies on the steppe, 2000.

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