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The war over there. The war right here.

Felix Culpa offers you three nights of plays, readings and dialogue on the topic of war and its consequences. This event is presented in the same spirit that created the monumental staged reading of Howard Barker’s The Possibilities three years ago on the dawn of the Iraq invasion. Then, Felix Culpa brought together over 50 of Vancouver best theatrical talents at the VECC as a benefit for the Canadian Red Cross’ relief efforts in Iraq. Today, that conflict has no end in sight. We pose the question – why are we unable to eradicate war?

May 26th, 27th, 28th @ 8 pm
Playwrights’ Theatre Centre Studio
Tickets by donation, at the door only
Proceeds to benefit The Canadian Red Cross

Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th @ 8 pm – Double Bill

Written and performed by Una Memisevic
Inspired by events in Sarajevo during the Bosnian conflict, Una Memisevic’s RAW is an honest, unsettling and grimly humorous look at life in a city under siege. Trapped in her apartment by a sniper she may or may not know, a woman builds herself an impossible means of escape.

My Holiday Photos from Afghanistan
Written and performed by David Bloom
The challenge – We give playwright David Bloom precisely 68 hours to write his version of Canada’s war in Afghanistan.

Sunday, May 28th @ 8 pm

Howard Barker’s The Castle
A reading, featuring Vancouver most dynamic emerging and experienced talents
After a seven year absence at the Crusades, warriors return to find that the womenfolk have overturned the old system of feudal patriarchy. There follows an appalling conflict that destroys a society. With Rukiya Bernard, Bill Dow, Alex Ferguson, Kevin Loring, Linda Quibell and Veena Sood.

Felix Culpa is Vancouver’s première language-based company. The mandate is to produce work that explores contradiction, conundrum and moral ambiguity. Recent past productions include Howard Barker’s Und, Wallace Shawn’s The Designated Mourner and the Governor General’s Award winning The Monument, a co-production with Rumble Productions.

For information contact Linda Quibell at 604.251.7889 or office@felixculpa.bc.ca

-note- I was assistant stage manager for the Canadian Red Cross benefit, and it remains one of the more defining moments in my brief career in theater. Felix Culpa put on a damned fine show, to the point where I still have a placard from The Designated Mourner up in my room. Support these guys if you can, folks. There’s not enough people like them.

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