people I know will pass by here on bicycles

reachin’ for the moon…
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The Leaky Heaven Circus is putting on Oscar Wilde’s Salome. It ends this Sunday, so we’re going Saturday to the 8pm performance. Tickets are $24 for adults, and $18 for students and seniors. The show is not recommended for children. Tickets can be purchased through Festival Box Office at 604.257.0366 or online at

The phone rang three hours after I went to bed. Michael, warning me he’s sent a present. “It should arrive on Monday.” I tried to repeat the address back to him, but put all the zeros in the wrong place. He’s changing cities again. Bamff? Something. Alberta. Synapses failing. The phone rang an hour after that. I’m clueless. The ceiling seems too far away. My eyes can’t reach that far. Ring. Solution, glasses, sleep. Ryan cancelling dinner. My hand fumbling, the clock coming into focus. I’ve been here before. Alive in my apartment that was not designed by a computer, I’m going to be late for work.

Today is Critical Mass.

Transit is the same every day. Don’t look into the windows of the hotel I have to stand in front of. Tiny stories, buried in a book. Shouts of Jesus Christ. People run in the street. Saviour. Don’t scan the windows of the building I have to stand across from. Davie street, men in t-shirts that don’t fit them. Tanning salons with impossible promises. Opening the door, hoping that no one noticed I was meant to be here half an hour ago. I sweep, aware my movements are hundreds of years old. Lean, push, dust. Into the street. Here the ceiling is gold leaf squares left over from a record shop. The shoes are black or red or white, colours of a foreign flag for a country I will never see. I can’t see the moon. Instead, it’s raining.

Today is the premiere of Souvenir of Canada.

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