this week’s itinerary

People have been trying to make plans with me for this upcoming week. This is why I’m not.


  • Breakfast with my mother, who turned 51 this week. Happy Birthday Mum!
  • Job interview with PovNet, the anti-poverty league.
  • The Celluloid Social Club, monthly screenings featuring the best in independent provocative short and feature films & videos followed by a Q&A. No Minors. Prizes galore. Come see the movie that stole my last boyfriend!

    Doors – 7:30pm Show – 8:00pm
    The ANZA Club, #3 West 8th Ave. at Ontario St.
    Admission/Membership – $5.00 cash at the door

    WINNER of the first annual Hot Shot Shorts Film Contest: THE BAR written & co-produced by Peter New, directed by Mike Jackson, (Dial ‘A’ for Alphaman, Hooped!, Hell’s Habit), produced by Dan Schlanger of Dilemma Productions (The Life & Times of Evelyn Hart), executive produced by Susin Nielsen & Gary Harvey (Robson Arms), filmed by Kamal Derkaoui, production designed by Andrew Li, production managed by Julienne Park. Casting by Melissa Perry and Larkin MacKenzie-Ast. The composer is Chris Gestrin, staring Peter Deluise, (Stargate, 21 Jump Street), Simone Bailly (The ‘L’ Word, DaVinci City Hall), Nicholas Elia (Masters of Horror, White Noise), Berit Beattie & Peter New (Black Christmas, The Delicate Art of Parking), HD, 10 min. 2007 – ‘The Bar’ is a typical boy-meets-girl story involving chicken breasts, pool sharks, and a xylophone. Film noir meets Airplane! This Bar is the place where nobody knows your name. Montreal World Film Festival, Los Angeles Shorts Fest & Edmonton International Film Festival. Executive producers from the Contest on the film include Paul Armstrong, Aaron Houston, Ed Brando, Scott Campbell & Michael George.


  • Breakfast with Jenn.
  • Coffee with an actor, dinner with a musician. Who’s more fun? We’ll let the judges decide.
  • Avoiding the Psychic/Channeling Self-Development Circle I was invited to. I file Talking To Imaginary Friends under Religion, something I’m not thick on.


  • Pre-Kol Nidre visit with Silva.
  • Tyler‘s Birthday party. “Bring money to donate to the birthday pot as my present and to cover for cost of kegs and hooka “hashish”.” As a bonus, apparently Angus will be giving us a fire performance. CANCELLED.
  • Naomi (aka Rose) Lazarus’ birthday party. (In lieu of gifts, please bring a contribution to the open bar.) This year’s theme is Speculative Fiction. This makes me nervous. Part of her blurb says, “as always, we are loin-cloth friendly.”


  • The Moon Lantern Festival. This year I’ve been hired as the Fire Tech. Sort of like last year, but without the responsibility of choreographing the finale. Or the panic of having all of my equipment stolen the day of the performance. Also, if I am very lucky, I won’t be coordinating convicted arsonists again.
  • Kryshan‘s Moving Out party, our last chance to party at his cushy West End apartment before he moves out of downtown like the rest of us skinflints. Also BYOB.
  • Pirate Sin City, the fetish night that says Arr! Aaron, who runs it, loves pirates, dressing up as pirates, and being dutiful on Talk Like A Pirate Day, (which is tomorrow), so it should be pretty good. Have fun, it’s unlikely I’ll make it, but rumour says it’s going to be packed. Expect Booty jokes.

    Sunday :

  • My weekly shift at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre.
  • Home? Sleep?
  • (wishful thinking)
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