a slack annual december production

It has come time again to call out all my readers – even you lurkers.

Announce who you are and what you do. It’s introduction time.

I want to see who it is that I talk to here, so please, post a picture of yourself to put a face to your name when you tell us your newest get rich schemes, doe-eyed claims to primal therapy, favourite recipies or whatever it is the voices inside your head tell you is important.

Whatever you like – as long as it’s true.

Most of you are lovely people, in some twisted way or another – scientists, students, artists, writers – so show off. Post links to your work! What you do! Livejournal can be a great way to meet like-minded people. It would be lovely, too, to know were you came from, how you found me, who you know here.

For those late to the game, I am a writer and amateur photographer currently living in Vancouver, Canada, who spent her last year trying to create a new venue from an old Bollywood theatre through sheer force of will and is now rather desperate for a Real Job. I’ve got two black cats, a nice new roommate, and a messy, messy room.



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