yes, that is a tarot card on my watch chain. no, I have not gone flaky

A little late, but I found this years sequel to Santasm.

My goal this week is to go to bed and be asleep before four in the morning, even if only once this week. The lack of sunlight is getting to me. I need more regular hours, even if I have to manufacture them myself. Today I wasn’t in bed until the sun began to come up at eight o’clock, then I was up again only a few hours later to help Lisa wrestle Mike Jackson’s old futon couch up my stairs at noon, (because Lisa is awesome, that’s why), just in time to get ready for work downtown at the Dance Centre.

Tomorrow I have a possible job interview, then I’m going to go and visit with Alex and Chrissy and my new nephew Xander, who I haven’t met yet, before my circus training. I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I haven’t been over since the day Chrissy went into labour and, depending on what time things happen, it might be the perfect chance to start taking all the heart-churning pictures I wish someone had taken the time to create for me and mine when we were children. (Yet another marker of the information age, the conversation over whether or not Xander would be YouTube’d).

Speaking of which, I have a small cardboard box of family photos I would like to have a chance to scan in properly somewhere. Does anyone have a machine I could take over for an innocent afternoon? I’ve reconnected with yet another batch of family over Facebook recently and it would be nice to be able to remind them how brown-corduroy-awful everyone dressed when we were all spending time in Winnipeg together.

There’s still time to vote for Mike as That 1 Guy.