I was rapt. Edge-jazz delicious. Oh yes.

Turns out not only was Benoit Delbecq* playing, it was in sexy, sexy duet with Andy Milne, founder of the continually tasty Dapp Theory!

Tomorrow, Friday the 24th, to continue with my impromptu Week of Fine Art that started so well with The Black Rider, I’ll be going to see Safa, an improvisational group made up of Amir Koushkani, Sal Ferreras and Francois fricking Houle, inspired by Sufi poetry and Persian classical music. They’re playing for free at the West Van Library at seven o’clock.

Also at the Library, earlier, from ten:thirty until noon, The Philospher’s Cafe is going to be hosting a discussion led by Conrad Hadland entitled “Is Richard Dawkins delusional?”. Michael and Howler and I are going. As far as I know, they’ve never met, but I expect we’ll have fun. Black humour is black humour, after all, no matter how healing-crystal the vocabulary.

In other news, I aced a job interview today, and have a secondary interview on Monday that I’m feeling optimistic about. If all goes well, I’ll have a Real Job with an illustration licensing company down on Granville Island come February. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Considering what Vancouver’s like, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity. (I’m still working on that whole Driver’s License thing though, so if anyone’s got a car and a spare hour…)

*listen especially to line 6, found on pianobook.