wonderful! friends! performing!


Shane Koyczan and Dan Mangan.

Doors at 8, show at 9. Tickets are $10. The Biltmore, 395 Kingsway and down around the corner.


Also this week, the PuSh festival presents Dances for a Small Stage number 18, playing Thursday and Friday night 7 to 10. Tickets are $15 at the door. Upstairs at The Legion, 2206 Commercial Drive.

“Mix fabulous contemporary dance, an intimate cabaret space and a ridiculously small stage, and find yourself at Dances for a Small Stage 18. MovEnt’s Day Helesic and Julie-anne Saroyan bring Small Stage to The Drive! Head over to The Legion on The Drive for a unique evening of dance in an atmosphere that is relaxed, casual and full of fun. With drinks in hand, sit back, relax and enjoy contemporary dance works performed by exciting artists in an usual and hip environment. This is new dance, made to measure.”

Featured this year: Kidd Pivot/Crystal Pite, Alison Denham, Joe Ink/Jacci Collins, Rob Kitsos, Meghan Goodman, Kim Sato, Science Friction, Patrick Pennefather, and Peter Chu (Las Vegas).

the future is now, then and again

From sclerotic_rings,

“Fifty years ago tomorrow, with the launch and subsequent success of Explorer 1, the US officially set off the space race. With it came the discovery of what are now known as the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding Earth, marking the first real scientific discovery of the interplanetary US/Russian competition. Now, maybe, we’ll see advertisers stop using “Space Age” as a synonym for “futuristic” and maybe see its use as a synonym for “fondly nostalgic of paths not taken”.”

there was cake & babaganoush.

365 day twenty-nine: radiation
365: twenty-nine

The Sigur Rós film, unsurprisingly, was exceptionally nice. In order of approximate appearance, thank you to Karen, Joshua, Ray, Bob, Frank, Richard, Robin, Keith, Anna, Beth, Kyle, Tarek, and Jesse. It was lovely to have you over. I say that, of course, not having seen the dishes left over by the light of day, but I’m almost entirely certain I’ll say it then too. Really. Probably. It’s likely. And with that, it’s quarter past three in the morning. Time for bed.