situationist comedy

Karriere is a fairly new Copenhagen bar completely designed by over 30 artists, (Robert Stadler, Douglas Gordon, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Olafur Eliasson, etc.), who worked on everything from the name to the interior.

Most interestingly, the cost of certain drinks at the Karriere Bar have been reworked into an installation piece by Kenneth Balfelt, who conceived of a price policy that experiments with perceived social structures. The new prices are determined by how you display yourself and it’s the waiters and bartenders who decide if someone qualifies.

Some examples: Activist and hippie types pay extra for organic soda, unless they’re homeless, in which case they get a discount on cafe cortado, yuppies pay extra for beer, and gay couples who french kiss get a discount on apfelschorle.

There’s many of various discounts, and for all sorts of things, speaking danish when you’re obviously foreign, being a multiracial table, etc., hardly any which seem politically correct, but all of which might prove interesting to interact with. I imagine friends gathering in groups, trying to work out how many discounts they can snag in one go.