today’s a low phenylalanine day

David & Lung
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Hey Japan, plz stop. Thanx.

End of the line, the train stops, the bus stops, whichever motion, it’s over. Outside the sky is just as dark as it was yesterday, the day burned down, the night entranced. Rough in the back of the eyes.

I’ve invited Lung and David to come with me to Katie’s wedding. It’s in Toronto, I have places to stay, options, resources, the temptation to stay. Lung’s not sure if he could make it, but he’d like to go. There a chance we could meet Kyle, finally, his lovely lady, and his lots of cats. (Are there more of you in T.O?) I’ve started looking at bus-tickets, knowing the farther ahead they’re booked, the cheaper they’ll end up being. There’s a companion fare on greyhound. A second ticket with the same itinerary for fourty dollars more. Two people splitting the cost doesn’t look like it would be that bad.

The soft drop of gravity when the plane takes off, the wheels as they grind into cloud. Looking down, squares, grid-lock, and a river of motion flowing to another sea, wavy lines representing false cul-de-sac suburb security.

Pregnancy Pact Discovered at Gloucester High School.

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