what are you going to do?

What are people doing to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year? My soul has this dream where I find something spectacular and beautiful yet affordable, even though I know it will never happen. My version of affordable is a small, slight creature that easily falls over in wind. I just spent my last five dollars on fifty cent cup-a-noodle soup so I wouldn’t starve too severely at work.

At best, I think I might get to escape away to Seattle, to watch their tower explode in fireworks, though I have no idea what else I might do. At worst I stay home and friends from all over the world try to call me at midnight to tell me what a fantastic time they are having, only to find that the lines are too busy and they can’t get through.

yes, I was late to work

“Student Says Vomiting on Painting Was an Artistic Act”

A big fat scrumptious thank you to everyone who made it out to our all weekend house-party. Though it wasn’t crowded, at least fifty of you made it over, even through the cold snap and snow, and kept the party going from Saturday morning to late last night/early this morning. Thank you for coming by, for playing music, for bringing wine and berries and sausages, for coming over early and for staying up late, for appreciating my eggnog crepes and keeping me cooking from 11 am to 11 pm, for bringing unexpected new people, for cuddles on the couch, for throwing snowballs at my window and cheerfully bothering the one armed guy downstairs, who had another snippy middle-of-the-night fight with a drug dealer right outside my window last week. (Thank you William, you will always have a special place in my heart for that). Thank you for everything, and I hope to see you all again soon!