make me proud

Awhile ago, (a long while now), Tillie had the presence of mind to drop off a porn chessboard at my home, because she didn’t want it anymore, and if anyone was going to know someone who would, it would be me. Since then it’s been taking up space behind my bedroom door, neglected, ignored, and never once used. This is a shame, as she put a lot of work into making it, so to make myself feel better about my recent awful discovery, and because I do not want a lesbian porn chessboard in my house anymore, groovy as it might be, it’s time to prove her right.

Therefore, in the spirit of V-Day and the Internet Being For Porn, I henceforth declare a hilarious and comical contest, as suggested by Lung Liu:

Show Me Your Best “O” Face.

Post your best O-Face in the comments, win a lesbian porn chessboard.

This unique wooden chess board, made of decoupaged lesbian pornography on unfinished plywood with distressed black edges, is approximately a foot and a half by a foot and a half and signed on the back by the artist.

A winner will be chosen next week once I get back from Portland.