also, we’re going to san fransisco in july

Long exposure Roomba path, by (More from other people on Flickr.)

Nicole was hit by lightning this week.

Sarah is finally convacating with a Bachelors of Arts degree.

Tracey has just become finally engaged to her Edward, and they’re to be married in August.

Tony brought me to see Circus Contraption last weekend and it was so beautiful as beautiful does that it shattered me into a better person. I cried, watching it, as the experience shook my heart in my chest.

Horribly, painfully, (how could they), after eleven years of perfecting their incorrigible circus, they’re shutting down at the end of May, so, as Tony said, “if you are in Seattle the next couple of weekends (or can be so) and have yet to see any Circus Contraption show (or have seen them before) then make every effort possible to see one of the last shows that this exquisite troupe will ever be doing.”

We’re going again on the 23rd with as many people as we can.

Dee, (in town from Montreal), is coming, as is Nick Eddy, and maybe Rafael. Are you? Please say yes.

ps. I need need a place for my mum to stay in Seattle that weekend. Anyone have a spare couch/bed/room?

back, and to the left

We’re lying on the couch, grinding on the couch, when he says, finger to my lips, in an overly innocent voice that has no idea the incredible faux pas it’s about to commit, “Now you be a good little girl and don’t move. Just wait right here.”

I pause, distracted, jolted. “Excuse me?”

His eyes widen as the multiple potential layers of his statement sink in, meanings rife with candy, white vans, and puppies. “Oh dear!” he says, “I promise that’s not where I meant to go with that.”

We collapse laughing, the moment lost now in something else. We lie curled together, our hands lost in each other’s hair, and I tell a story of being approached once by a young man in a nightclub who’d had one too many beer, “We’d been dancing, nothing special. We didn’t know each other at all, but he came up to me in a pause in the music, drink in hand, smiling, and said, You know what I’d like? Of course I shook my head no. I didn’t even know his name. If you came home with me so I can show you who your daddy is.