a tiny punch to the heart

Reposted from Sean:

The definition of love.

My housemate works at a men’s formal wear shop in downtown Vancouver. Yesterday, a customer by the name of Justin came into her shop with both his mother and girlfriend, wanting to rent a tuxedo. Justin is eight years old, his girlfriend is ten, and Justin decided that he wanted to rent a tuxedo for a party that was being thrown on behalf of his girlfriend, so he tried on some of the finest suits in the shop for the love of his young life, accessorized with his brightest smile.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, the party is being hosted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You see, Justin’s girlfriend has a brain tumor which recently started growing at an alarming rate – so quickly, in fact, that she’s not expected to make it past this coming weekend. Justin’s in love with a girl whose life is being measured in minutes, hours if she’s lucky.

Justin got his rental for free.

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