taking a deep breath

Scientific concepts depicted with photos of everyday objects.


The rather intense list of things that need done before we step on a plane to Montreal on Saturday morning is shrinking, but not fast enough.

The rent for the month is paid, the furniture David and I listed on Craigslist has all been spoken for, (the biggest piece already gone), the two smaller sets of shelves we needed to replace the sold items have been brought home and put in place, and finally, after a month of pestering, the landlord has blessed us with laundry tokens.

In turn, I still need to see Silva, get a paycheque, do my laundry, all of it, hours worth, final polish the latest Secret Knots, purchase a warm coat, sort through and clean all my camera cards, my room, and my suitcase, find my appropriate power cords, find a bloody flash for the wedding, contact my friends in Montreal, pry out their schedules, get Lung‘s address, arrange a possible ride to and or from the airport, and finally, blessedly, pack.

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